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After about 15 years, even the best air conditioning systems will need to be replaced. Before it’s replaced, you’ll notice it’s probably not working efficiently and you’re probably spending quite a bit on repairs. Even if your old AC is running fine, a newer more energy efficient model will save you money in the long run. When you’re looking to replace your old unit and need skilled professionals for air conditioner installation in Lawrenceville, GA, turn to the trusted professionals at Billy Butler Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re a leading HVAC services company serving the Lawrenceville, GA area. Learn more about us or schedule a service appointment by calling 770-861-7114.

How We Help With Air Conditioner Replacement

For more than 36 years, Billy Butler Heating & Air Conditioning has developed a strong reputation for high-quality service when it comes to air conditioner installation in Lawrenceville, GA. Our reputation is founded on a team of dedicated service technicians skilled with a wide range of heating and cooling systems. Whether you need a new system, parts repaired or replaced or general maintenance, our team can take care of you. We are fast and reliable, and when you see them in action, you’ll be confident your new air conditioner is installed correctly.

When you need air conditioner replacement services in Lawrenceville, GA, another thing you can rely on us for is quality systems. We only install systems from leading manufacturers to ensure you’re getting a long-lasting, energy efficient system. Moreover, you can count on us for the most affordable prices in the area and best service and maintenance agreements around. Additionally, we offer a variety of coupons online that you can use immediately. 

Signs It’s Time for a New AC

How do you know you need a new air conditioner? Almost every AC will begin to develop common problems that indicate it is time for it to be replaced. When it’s time to be replaced, make sure you get in touch with our reliable experts for professional air conditioner installation in Lawrenceville, GA. A professional will ensure your new system is installed correctly. 

When our technicians are out in the field, they often see these common problems:

  • Aging: Usually the first indication your AC is ready to be replaced is age. Most systems are designed to last no more than 15 years, even with regular upkeep. We can inspect your system anytime to determine if you’re ready for a new one. Older systems need more repair and worn parts drain more energy to cool sufficiently.
  • Decreased Comfort: As your AC ages, the parts use more energy to keep you comfortable. You may notice your system isn’t keeping your home cool enough and your energy bills are climbing because it’s hard to keep the house comfortable. You may also notice some areas of the home are cooling more than others.
  • More Repairs: Older parts will begin to wear out more frequently, requiring you to repair and replace them more often. Even if you keep your system well maintained, eventually you’ll find yourself spending more on parts than you would on a new system. That’s when air conditioner replacement is in order.
  • Old Refrigerant: If your AC is running on R22 refrigerant, this type of refrigerant is being phased out. In time, it will be nearly impossible to get or too costly to buy when your system needs a recharge. Newer systems operate on R410A refrigerant, which is much more efficient and safer for the environment. Save yourself the expense and hassle of trying to find R22, and get a new system installed today.

Schedule Our Services Today

If you have an aging air conditioner, why spend excessively on repairs? With a reputable, trusted local company like Billy Butler Heating & Air Conditioning, you’ll have the most skilled professionals available to assist you with air conditioner installation in Lawrenceville, GA and surrounding communities. We offer a complete range of heating and cooling services at affordable prices. Find out how we can help you or schedule a service appointment today by calling 770-861-7114 and get your new air conditioner reliably installed.

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New heat pump system and April Airfilter
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New heating and AC and and April air filter
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Checked AC
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New air conditioning heating system
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The place upstairs 2 ton AC
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heating and air system and filtration
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New air conditioner system and Heating Aprilaire filter new hot water heater
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New heating and air conditioning system
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installed new heatpump system and aprilaire filter
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Replaced AC and coil
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Great service and personable. Knowledgeable and honest!!
I trust Billy Butler to take care of all of my heating and air conditioning needs. Very professional and very trustworthy!
We call on Billy day or night. He is always dependable. He installed us a new system with an filter system that I don't have to worry with. Billy will come by twice a year to check our system and filter. Very dependable and reasonable pricing. I highly recommend Billy Butler heating and air for all for hvac needs.