As everyone in Georgia knows, AC units are expensive to operate in the heat of the summer.  Also, it costs even more when they are not working at 100% efficiency. So, it is essential to conduct various regular maintenance activities that make sure the system uses the least amount of electricity possible. The very first and the easiest thing on your list of things to do is keeping the filters clean.

Keeping Filters Clean

Energy Savers reports that clean air filters can reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption by as much as 15%.  Why do clean filters make such a big difference?

Lets take a look at what an air filter actually does.

Your air conditioner filter is engineered to trap any sediment, dust, and debris coming in through the air supply. If that dust and sediment were allowed to pass through, it would not only stop up the mechanical functions of the equipment, it would end up in the ductwork and lower the air quality in your home. Filters are the tool used to stop this from happening. Therefore, when filters are clogged up, the HVAC system will have to labor harder to pull the air in. While it labors harder, the motor runs faster and in turn more electricity will be used.

It doesn’t take much to clog AC unit filters. This is especially true in the Lawrenceville, Georgia area when it runs around the clock for months straight. So, its advisable to examine your filters once every Thirty days or so no matter what kind of filter you are using.

Which Filters to Check

The primary filters on your AC system need to be inspected in addition to all air handler filters or air cleaner filters you may have attached in your HVAC system. One more thing to look at is the conditions inside your home and the area around the outdoor condenser unit. Should you have pets, a number of plants or your condenser unit is situated in a dusty area, you might have to inspect and change out those filters much more frequently.

Most filters can be found at the returns and oftentimes in the ceiling ducts or walls, however they may additionally be found in the furnace air handler and even inside of the ac unit itself. For those who have window units,  air filters are generally found inside the unit.

Clean air filters are vital for your health, your finances as well as the life expectancy of your AC system. Keep a close eye on them and you will save more money than you might expect.