Heat Pump Service

Heat Pump Service

There are several advantages to having a heat pump in your home. First, it is an effecient way to heat or cool your home because it involves transferring heat rather than generating heat. This will lower your power bill and still keep your house warm or cool depending on how you use it. Heat pumps also distribute heat evenly throughout the house, leaving no rooms cold. The disadvantage of using a heat pump is it’s lack of effectiveness during consistently cold days. If the temperature stays below freezing, the heat pump will have a harder time moving heated air because of the drastic range of temperatures.

The team at Billy Butler Heating and Air has serviced heat pumps for families all over Georgia. We understand that when your heat pump breaks, you need repairs that will last for years, fast.

When a professional comes to inspect your heat pump, you should expect a number of things to be checked, including the thermostat accuracy, capacitors, relays, contractors, blower wheel, metering devices, panel placement, coil temperatures, and the compressor amp draw.

With any important home device, you should keep it properly maintained. Below are some tips on how to keep your heat pump at full-capacity.

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