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Although the city is considered rather small, you will find some of the best antique stores in Bishop GA, along with convenient, affordable RV camping at Pine lake RV Campground.

And whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you will also find one of the more experienced and professional Bishop AC Repair services companies to handle your air conditioning maintenance, AC replacement and repair.

Billy Butler Heating and Air Conditioning is a name you can trust. For 36 years, we have served residents in Bishop GA with professional and expert air conditioning repair services that are founded on honest, hard work. With 24 hour – 7 days a week service, you’ll never have to wait to have your home back to the right temperature again. We specialize in home AC repairs for homes in and around the Bishop GA area.

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Billy Butler Heating and Air Conditioning has over 36 years of experience in AC repair, AC maintenance, AC replacement, AC installation, furnace repair, and heat pump repair serving Bishop, GA!
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Written by: Sabrina L.
Date Published: 06/14/2018
My A/C was not cooling. I called Billy Butler and he arrived and had my house cooling in the same day. Great experience!
5 / 5 stars

Contact the team at Billy Butler Heating and Air to learn more about how we can help repair your AC and heating units. Our team is proud to work with the residents of Bishop, Georgia to keep their families comfortable in their homes and their systems running efficiently.

For the best air conditioning repair Bishop GA, contact Billy Butler Heating and Air Conditioning today! To speak directly with one of our professionals, call (770) 861-7114.

Air conditioner repair

A/C Repair

AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance

Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair

HVAC Repair

ac unit replacement

AC Unit Replacement

heat pump repair

Heat Pump

Air Conditioner Repair

Air conditioning repairs can arise due to a number of reasons. Factory faults, natural wear and tear, improper installation, and lack of maintenance to HVAC units can cause the air conditioning unit to break or operate inefficiently. Call the team at Billy Butler Heating and Air when you need repairs to your air conditioning unit! Our team services the Bishop, GA area to provide air conditioning repairs that are reliable and effective.

To prevent an HVAC unit from completely breaking, be alert to the signs of air conditioning unit damages and have them repaired as fast as possible! Billy Butler Heating and Air is available 24/7 to service A/C units and repair air conditioning unit damages. Our heating and air conditioning company has years of experiencing resolving a variety of damages to AC units, and can help repair your unit quickly and effectively! As a small, family operated business, we understand the value of great customer service, especially when working with other families. Our team is professional, experienced, and dedicated to providing air conditioning repair services that you can trust.

AC Maintenance

The best way to prevent your air conditioning unit from breaking is to schedule regular AC maintenance services. Air conditioning maintenance with Billy Butler Heating and Air involves the servicing the filters, coils, and overall functionality of the air conditioning unit to check for any potential damages. Our team of experts are trained to notice when an air conditioning unit is operating inefficiently, and can advise you on how to best resolve the issue in order to prevent major damages. During the cold winters or the hot summers, having a broken air conditioning unit can be uncomfortable for the whole family. Before the seasons change, have the Billy Butler team provide an AC maintenance check to make sure your air conditioning unit and system is prepared to handle the upcoming weather! We are one of the few Oconee County AC repair companies that provides 24/7 service, so our team can provide AC maintenance services to meet your schedule needs. Contact us today to set up an air conditioning maintenance appointment!

Furnace Repair

The team of experts at Billy Butler Heating and Air Conditioning specialize in the repair of gas powered furnaces as well as heat pumps and furnaces. Heating furnaces are the main source of heat for a home, and are often left unused for many months in Bishop GA thanks to the warm Georgia weather. However, when the cold winter weather hits, many families in the Bishop area find themselves with a broken furnace and thus no heating. If your home experiences damages to your heating system, contact Billy Butler Heating and Air Conditioning! Our 24/7 service means that we can provide furnace repairs faster than any heating company in Bishop GA! Our team has years of experience working with a variety of heating systems, meaning they are well equipped to resolve your furnace damages.

Not only do we repair furnace damages, but we also check the heating system to ensure it is operating efficiently and saving you money! Furnaces that have even minor damages can effect the efficiency of the entire heating system and cause you higher costs in heating bills. We’ll get your furnace running again and your heating system operating at the best cost for you.

HVAC Repair

Billy Butler Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing the best HVAC repair services in Bishop, GA for over three decades. Bishop residents trust our team to provide expert HVAC repair services professionally and efficiently. Our HVAC repair services in Bishop include:

A/C Repair

Heat Repair

Annual Service Plans

Furnace Repair

Heatpump Repair

Indoor Air Quality

Media Air Cleaner

All Makes & Models

AC Unit Replacement

Air conditioning unit replacements are easy when you work with the team at Billy Butler Heating and Air! We have access to a variety of brands and models to provide you with the best selection to choose from depending on your budget and your home’s needs. HVAC units have a natural lifespan, and when they begin to need continuous repairs, replacing them for a more efficient HVAC unit can actually save you money! We’ll provide you with the best knowledge and professional advice on which HVAC units to replace your old one with so that you can make the decision confidently.

Some of the HVAC replacement services we provide are:

HVAC Duct Replacement

Central Air Replacement

Furnace Replacement

Heat Pump Replacement

Heat Pump Service

Billy Butler Heating and Air Conditioning provides professional heat pump services to keep your heating and air running smoothly! Your heat pump needs to be inspected regularly in order to avoid major damages that can cause the entire heating and air system to break. Our heat pump services in Bishop GA include removing dirt and debris from the outdoor unit, wiping down oil, changing the filter, checking the pump elevation, and tightening electrical connections. We’ll also inspect the thermostat, capacitors, relays, contractors, blower wheel, metering devices, panel placement, coil temperatures, and compressor amp draw to ensure the entire system is working efficiently.

Our Team is dedicated to providing your with quality HVAC replacement and repair services in Bishop GA because we understand how important friendly and affordable service is for you and your family. Our products are offered to provide a large selection of various sizes, installation methods, and system types.

For the best air conditioning repair Bishop GA, contact Billy Butler Heating and Air Conditioning today! To speak directly with one of our professionals, call (770) 861-7114.

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