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Expert AC Service

Georgia summers are hot. There’s no doubt about it, and you depend on your air conditioner to keep you cool throughout the season. When your air conditioner fails, it’s time to call in the experts at Billy Butler Heating & Air Conditioning. For more than 36 years, we have established ourselves as the leading air conditioning service company in Lawrenceville, GA and surrounding communities. We provide a complete range of services including AC installation and replacement as well as routine maintenance. Learn why our customers stay with us for a lifetime or schedule a service appointment by calling 770-861-7114.

A Leading Air Conditioning Service Company

What makes Billy Butler Heating & Air Conditioning the leading air conditioning service company in the Lawrenceville, GA region? For starters, our highly trained, professional technicians furnish a full range of air conditioning services. No matter what problem your air conditioner has, our team will find a solution. They know the latest service trends and keep up with the latest technology. They also work with materials from industry leaders that produce top-quality air conditioner brands and models. Moreover they are committed to customer service, ensuring your AC units keep you cool and comfortable by providing fast, reliable service.

Our Service Offerings

Not only do we have dedicated technicians, we offer a comprehensive range of services that include:

Air Conditioner Maintenance

At least once per year you should have your air conditioner serviced. Late winter or early spring is a good time to schedule maintenance. Regular maintenance allows us to catch any problems early and get them repaired before they surprise you and shut down during summer’s peak heat.

Air Conditioner Parts Replacement

From compressors to coils to thermostats and fans, our technicians are the experts to call for air conditioner parts replacement in Lawrenceville, GA. They identify the faulty part and replace it for you promptly and reliably. To ensure your unit performs at peak levels we use only top-quality parts from leading manufacturers. 

Air Conditioner Replacement and Installation

After about 12 to 15 years, even the highest-quality air conditioners will need to be replaced. Older air conditioners run less efficiently, causing your comfort level to decline while energy usage increases. Also the older the unit is, the more worn parts will be and repairs will add up. If you’re spending more on repairs than it would cost for a new unit, it’s time for a replacement.

Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

Another reason we’ve become a leading air conditioning service company in Lawrenceville, GA is our customer care. We extend our quality care 24/7 for emergency air conditioner repair. Our technicians will respond promptly and get you taken care of.

Indoor Air Quality

From dust and other allergens, as well as germs that cause diseases, your indoor air can affect your health and well being, but with the right filters and energy efficient air conditioning, you can greatly improve air quality.

Refrigerant Recharge Service

If your AC has stopped cooling all together, one possibility is a refrigerant leak. We can test for leaks and recharge refrigerants. We can also change out R-22 systems for more efficient R-410A, if you have an older system. 

Schedule With Us Today

Whether you need maintenance, repairs, or a new unit, you can always rely on Billy Butler Heating & Air Conditioning’s to deliver quality service. We are the leading air conditioning service company in Lawrenceville, GA and you can schedule us today by calling 770-861-7114.