Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keeping your AC unit healthy is a smart step towards prolonging its overall effectiveness and lifespan. Thankfully, it isn’t very difficult to preserve your AC unit through periodic check-ups, simple, DIY procedures and by paying attention. Your AC unit will become louder if there is an issue with your compressor, so be conscious of any changes in noise. Another sign that an issue might exist is if your energy bills increase despite no increase in usage. This could be caused by a number of issues, so it’s important to catch it early before major issues crop up. It’s important to be wary of every part of your unit and to have a professional come check your unit seasonally. Below are some common issues that, if minimized, will prolong your AC unit’s life and usefulness.

Air Filters

The most common procedure in AC Maintenance is cleaning and changing out your air filters. It is recommended you replace filters once a month, and to have a professional check your filtration system at least once a year. You should be especially wary if your home collects dust easily or if you have a pet.

AC Coils

Dirt residue accumulates over time on an air conditioner’s evaporator/condenser coils, so it’s a good idea to clean them about once a month. This should be a cautious procedure, so either bring a professional out to clean the coils or use a commercial cleaner to wipe away dirt build-up.

Coil Fins

The fins found on AC coils can be easily bent, which causes obstruction of airflow. Either make sure a professional inspect the fins or straighten bent fins yourself.


Keep the AC unit level with the ground, or if the ground is not level try to recreate the level surface. This will prevent the compressor from giving out early, thus prolonging the life of your unit.

AC maintenance is a priority for those who want to stay ahead of problems that accumulate over time. When a professional from Billy Butler Heating and Air Conditioning comes to inspect your system, they’ll check the following:

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